Online 89 is proud to work with a large bank of talented and hard-working individuals across ICT and related industries. These individuals pride themselves on developing their specialist knowledge and dedicating themselves to each and every contract on which they work. Below is just some of the feedback that Online 89 has received from our candidates.

I have been professionally involved as a contract project manager through Online 89 since 2009. From day one I have been extremely impressed with the high quality of service, the professional presentation and the personal attention available from Online 89. Having dealt with a number of other recruitment companies over my contracting career I have always been most impressed with the Online 89 team's commitment to identifying the right role for me as a candidate rather than just bombarding me with any PM role that comes through. Their ability, I think through their own experiences as a contractor, to provide guidance and advice throughout the recruitment process is easily the best that I have seen in a recruitment agency. I am more than happy to recommend Online 89 to any contractor or client and have recommended them on several occasions to friends looking for contracting opportunities.

G.B - Project Manager

I would like to thank you both for the help and support that you have given me during my time contracting through Online 89 and should I be looking to get back into the contracting game one day, will not hesitate to contract through Online 89 again. I will also not hesitate to continue to recommend Online 89 as an agency to other contractors.

H.N - Test Analyst

I have been contracting through Online 89 since 2005 and they have been absolutely wonderful. They offer excellent service and have been very accommodating of all my requests. I rely on them to handle all my contract negotiations and the results often exceed my expectations. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for contracting services.

C.W - Rules Developer

I have been contracting through Online 89 for nearly 2 years including my payroll. I can vouch that I have always had smooth transactions and I am one happy client. I have confidently recommended my friends to Online 89 and shall continue to do so. Thanks to Online 89 for being friendly and easy to deal with. All the best.

L.P - Test Analyst