Employer services

If your organisation is looking to hire either permanent or contract / temporary staff Online 89 can assist you with that process. Our recruitment services includes:

  • Liaising with clients to identify requirements and understand needs; 
  • Targeted campaigns to attract the right candidates;
  • Candidate identification, screening and interviews;
  • Preparation of shortlists;
  • Preparation of responses to clients including working with candidates to present high quality resumes and responses to selection criteria;
  • Organisation of client/candidate interviews, referee checks, etc;
  • Contract and salary/rate negotiation;
  • Liaison between clients and the successful candidate regarding on-boarding procedures including start date, accommodation, time keeping requirements, security arrangements, first day arrangements, work health and safety policies and procedures, environmental protection policies and workplace relations;
  • Ongoing contract management; and
  • Exit interviews and procedures.

Online 89 is a Canberra-based ICT and related industries recruitment company that has been built on strong principles of integrity, partnership and innovation. We understand that even the largest business requires personal attention and that building a relationship with our clients is often more important than simply filling the role.

Online 89 will only submit highly qualified, suitable candidates for your consideration, while also taking into account the needs of our candidates. We have an extensive network of individuals, each with unique qualifications, skills and attributes.  This allows us to assure both client and candidate that they will have the right fit for the role.

Online 89 has a strong belief in the importance of establishing and maintaining relationships, building mutual trust, understanding and teamwork, and upholding the highest standards of personal and professional ethics and honesty.